Call Centre Staff

Have you experienced any of the following in the last 12 months…

…then let Allied connect you.

Call Centre Recruitment and Training Specialist

Allied Recruitment and Training can offer you the solution to those spiralling recruitment costs and staff turnover.

At Allied, we operate a highly successful, busy Call Centre where our skilled and motivated telesales agents sell a variety of products to different market sectors. We owe our success and record breaking sales to rigorous recruitment processes, state of the art Call Centre and training facilities and progressive development training programmes.


Our company philosophy is that by encouraging our staff to develop and grow within the organisation they will give us a return on our investment. Our people are carefully chosen through a rigorous recruitment process and given intensive induction training to ensure full product knowledge.

With this in mind we are now offering our resources to other companies.

Our aim is to help other companies gain from our experience by providing fully trained and motivated people ready to start work. We will recruit and train in your behalf using our own tried and tested methods.

Time is taken to evaluate and create a tailor-made package, based on your requirements as a company with a focus on how to retain highly motivated, productive staff. Our training programmes extend to both your existing workforce and new staff that we recruit on your behalf.